The availability of a whole variety of electronic printing tools and devices has changed the role of typography. Nowadays, text manipulation functions are an integral part of a large body of applications such as multi-media publishing, computer animation and computer-aided design systems.

Text Sculpting, or SculpTexting, is based on a new technology developed at the computer science department, Technion, and offers interactive animated text manipulation scheme in a totally new way. This technology is now seamlessly integrated under the Microsoft PowerPoint environment (offering a superior alternative to its WordArt option), and can export text animation as vector graphics, as swf Flash animation, or images and animated gifs' movies:

The provided demo is a fully functional ActiveX plugin to Microsoft PowerPoint that enables the creation of static as well as animated text sculpting in regular presentations. This plugin takes full advantage of all available outline fonts.


This program is the result of the hard work of several people (in reversed alphabetic order):

  1. Avishai Zamir
  2. Tatiana Surazhsky
  3. Masha Nikolski
  4. Gershon Elber

Contact Information

Email: textsculpt AT
Phone: 972 - 4 - 829 - 4338


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