This gallery of three dimensional puzzles is an ever growing (as far as I can model these things) VRML based show of animated assembly and disassembly of the puzzles.

The animation is VRML based, so you better make sure your browser supports the VRML extension. You might also want to disable collision detection in you VRML plug in, if you can.

Once the VRML plug in has loaded the VRML animation, you will see two opposite cones at the bottom center of the image.

Click on the right cone to activate the animation and click on the left cone to animate it in reverse.

Click on any of the presented images to view an animated sequence of the solution (as a VRML animation):

This page could not have been materialized without the extensive help of Orit Shaked, Michael Plavnik and Lotem Elber, Technion. All these puzzles were modeled with the aid of the IRIT solid modeling environment, that is developed at the Technion by Gershon Elber.
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