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Gershon Elber

link to SculpText site
A 3D Animation of Text, using outline fonts
link to Beyond Escher for Real site
Beyond Escher for Real
More realization of so called "Impossible Objects" by others
link to site Mosaic4u
Conversion of any given 2D image to mosaics of fixed size stones but arbitrarily oriented
link to Captchanim site
A derivated work of SculpText toward free animated Gif's Captchas
link to NCSim site
A free 3-Axis CNC Simulator, from G-code
link to Ortho Pics site
Ortho Pics
Building 3D models from two (or more) 2D images
link to Escher for Real site
Escher for Real
The realization of many so called "Impossible Objects" by M.C. Escher
link to Wood Working site
Wood Working
My wood working/wood turning hobby page
link to Dithered Ortho Pics site
Dithered Ortho Pics
Another builder of 3D models from two (or more) 2D images, as 3D dithering
link to 3D Puzzles site
3D Puzzles
Some, not so new, 3D puzzles as 3D geometry