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Product Specifications

We sell mosaic murals. Our murals are typically shipped as a ready for assembly kits. When requested we can also make finished, framed mosaics.
Our mosaic murals are made from high quality, industry standard 10x10mm (3/8"x3/8") glass mosaic tiles, typically glued "face on" to 300X300 mm (12X12 inch) transparent film sheets. The tiles are water resistant, will not wear and will not fade under direct sun light. The mosaic Installation is done on site by placing the sheets side by side.
For example, the mosaic image on the left (based on a painting by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres) is made of 12 sheets. We made it as easy as possible for you to install our mosaics. With our mosaic mural kits you do not need to be an experienced professional to assemble a mosaic or to avoid visible stitch marks between sheets. A typical four square meter mosaic would weight 25 kg and fits a box measuring 320X320X300 mm. Visit our Installation page to see how easy it is to install our mosaics. Visit our Projects page for sample projects.