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Mosaics for Professionals

Large scale mosaic murals projects are sometimes considered expensive and complicated.
Our mosaics murals dramatically reduce the cost of using mosaic decoration in large scale projects. We offer not only competitive prices but also simplicity, predictability and low total cost of ownership. We provide our customers with the following advantages:
  • Pre-production approval
  • Simple shipping and packaging in industry standard small sizeboxes
  • Quick and simple assembly – imagine the complexity of hanging a huge, fragile net on a ceiling. With our 300X300 mm sheets it is way easier
  • And, our ability to help you solve any problem encountered while or after the mosaic is assembled
How can our technology help you, our customer? The benefits of our products for large scale mosaics result from some of the main attributes of our technology. We are happy to pass these advantages to our customers. First, we approve the “digital version” of the mosaic with our customers prior to the mosaic manufacturing. Before starting our company we made a market survey trying to understand the needs of our then future customers. We encountered many testimonials of disappointed customers who mentioned that the mosaic they got were very different from the mosaic they expected to get.
Mosaic4u customers get a detailed computerized image that can be evaluated separately or as a part of the final architectural or internal design layout. This important step eliminates large part of the risk associated with unsatisfactory or unexpected results. Second, conventional tiling is slow and tedious; with quality that varies upon employee skills and experience. Mosaic4u offers automated manufacturing with predictable and persistent results. For example, if we are to make 100 corporate logo mosaics, all of the mosaics will be identical to the last detail. Third, our production system predictability and repeatability has another advantage with sometimes critical value. As we can easily supply replacement sheets, damaged mosaics can be repaired in no time. This unique capability is not offered by any of our competitors. Last but not least, due to the saw-edge nature of our mosaic sheets, the sheets "blend" one into the other naturally, leaving no stitch marks and thus making the mosaic assembly easy and fast.
See our Technology page for additional details, or visit our Business Partners page for commercial information.