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Frequently Asked Questions
about Our Mosaics

The Product
Q: What is the difference between your mosaic murals and a hand-made mosaic?
A: The main differences are: You pay less: Our proprietary development is a special machine that produces a mosaic made out of the same glass tiles and of equal quality as a hand-made mosaic. This is why we can afford to sell our mosaic for a significantly lower price. It's easier and faster to assemble: The special arrangement of the tiles on the sheets in the manufacturing process guarantees that the sheets will blend smoothly with one another.
Q: Is it possible to produce a mosaic out of any photo or painting?
A: Yes. Please remember that some restrictions apply. For example it is hard to create a good looking portrait if the mural is smaller than about 1.5 square meters (16 square feet). Once we get your image we make several mosaic alternatives for you to choose from. We continue to make changes till you are completely satisfied.
Q: Is the mosaic perfectly identical to the original picture?
A: No. The computer program we developed enables the designer to create a digital simulation of a great looking mosaic that we hope will please you. Yet, it is usually hard to make a mosaic perfectly identical with the original picture, both in shape and in color. Mosaic murals are an ancient art form and like any art, the mosaic murals should be judged for themselves.
Q: How long will the mosaic last?
A: Across the globe there are mosaics that have survived for centuries and millenniums. We use high quality glass tiles that are used in many different environments and applications. As the same tiles we use last for decades in pools, wall coverings and so forth, our murals will last for the same amount of time.
Q: What is the recommended viewing distance?
A: Mosaics are a great decoration from any distance. Yet, when you look at a mosaic mural from a bigger distance (2 meters away from 1 square meter mosaics, 6 meters from 4 square meters mosaics) a new perspective kicks in. From a larger distance you will be able to notice image details that are not apparent from a close distance. Furthermore, our unique design software allows us to implement three dimensional effects that make certain image features “jump out of the wall”.
Ordering - Supply
Q: How do I get the mosaic?
A: The mosaic sheets will be shipped by mail or by our forwarder depends on the mosaic size. In most cases we ship mosaics that are 3 square meters by mail as this is the most economical shipping method.
Q: How long will it take?
A: We ship up to 14 days after you order the mosaic.

Q: Can anyone assemble the mosaic?
A: Assembling the mosaic murals is simple and does not require any resources or skills that are different from installing any other mosaic wall covering. The installation is done with glue, a glue gun and ordinary tools, and does not require special expenses.
Q:What is the "transparent gluing method"?
A: In this method, the mosaic is glued to a glass plate with transparent polymer glue. Light projection in an appropriate angle behind the mosaic created a fascinating effect of light and color.
Q:Where do you recommend to install the mosaic?
A: Our mosaics are suitable for installation in private houses, pools, religious establishments and public institutions. You can install these mosaics on walls, floors, in bathrooms, swimming pools and actually, everywhere.

Post-Order Service
Q:I got the mosaic and changed my mind. May I return it?
A: Yes. If you do not like our mosaic mural you can change your mind within 30 days. Please send the mosaic in its original package and we will return the entire payment.
Q:While installing the mosaic mural I discovered that one of the sheets had been damaged.
A: No problem. The special method of producing one-sized sheets enables us to provide you immediately with a new sheet for every defective sheet. We will replace up to 50% of your sheets with no charge (excluding shipping charges).